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spout stand pouch filling sealing machine

China spout stand pouch filling sealing machine offered by Shanghai Unik Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. This machine is used for filling and capping bags of suckable jelly, soy milk products, wine, fresh milk, yogurt, purified water, juice, cream, edible oil, condiments, tomato paste, washing chemical liquids, etc. Automatic operation, variable frequency speed regulation.

  • 6 (three fillings)
  • 1200-2000
  • 1-6
  • 380/50
  • 3500(L)×2200(W)×2300(H)
  • 0.5-0.7
  • 1500

Automatic operation, variable frequency speed regulation. It can be connected to a CIP cleaning system, and some functions can be added or deleted according to customer needs.

The machine includes mechanical automatic bag hanging, forced injection filling, automatic capping tray, automatic capping, bagless detection, PLC control, automatic capping, capping out-of-place detection, electromagnetic head + gear capping, and finished product discharge.


Ø  Siemens PLC and touch screen control, one-click start, real-time monitoring.

Ø  Automatic mode, manual debugging mode, parameter setting (password can be added).

Ø  Real-time counting, remote monitoring function can be added (optional).

Ø  The interior of the dust cover contains lighting and ultraviolet germicidal lamps, including working indicator lights.


Ø  Safety dust cover.

Ø  Compressed air protection, air compressor is not connected and shut down

Ø  Compressed air pressure protection, insufficient pressure, shutdown.

Ø  Phase sequence protection, incorrect power connection, the machine will not work.

Ø  Cylinder return detection, filling, cleaning, capping cylinder does not return, machine shuts down.


Ø  Independent cylinder control for each head.

Ø  Filling volume is adjustable.

Ø  No dripping during filling (material specific testing).

Ø  No bag, no filling.

Ø  Contains bag pressing function.

Ø  Vertical buffer tank, capacity about 30-50L.

Ø  Equipped with CIP cleaning program and can be connected to customer-specified CIP system.

Ø  Includes bag opening function.

Screw cap

Ø  Constant magnetic torque torque control capping, capping torque is stable, convenient and adjustable.

Ø  Each capping head is driven by an independent motor.

Ø  Shutdown alarm without cover.

Ø  Can be connected to automatic elevator to transport lid (optional).


Ø  The bracket is made of channel steel, sprayed with anti-rust paint, and covered with 304 stainless steel.

Ø  Material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel.

Company Profile

Shanghai Unik Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of filling machine and packing machine, Factory located in Shanghai, workshop covers 1500 square meters.Shanghai Unik owns a professional team including design department, sales team, aftersale service team, 50 memebers joined in this big family. With strict quality control and installation inspection, Unik Provides Machine series of liquid Piston Filling Machine(pure liquid, Viscous Liuid, sauce, oil product), packing machine(flat bag, 3 or 4 side seal bag, standup pouch, zip pouch, spout pouch), widely applied in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.

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